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While we are heading towards the end of 2018, the world of torrents is still getting demolished by the authorities over pirated content and other legal issues. The top torrent sites which were your favorite stop-point to download content are now inaccessible and looking for an alternative can be a big headache. Kickass torrents or KAT which was one of the most popular torrent websites in recent times is now blocked in many countries. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 kickass torrents alternatives which you can use.

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Tips to score goals and win matches in FIFA 17

These are the top tips to keep in mind

Static defense

Normally, looking for a spectacular and much more effective robbery, we tend to make ground-level tickets looking for the ball, however, it is much more advisable to maintain the defensive position with our player and use the body to prevent the opponent can turn or surpass , Both in static and in race. Ground-level entrances are much more effective for toppings or defensive actions in which the team has not had time to place itself, an ideal time to attempt a more aggressive robbery.

Touch the ball

A very useful method is to circulate the ball inside the defensive line or means to allow the team to swing and that the forwards look for holes in attack. This ball movement, which must be very fast and precise, can be broken with long balls to the ends, to the forwards and even from one band to another, which will give us a very important advantage while the rival team places the defense. Another point in favor of touching the ball in areas of low pressure, is that the rival defender will tend to advance his position to recover it, which will generate more spaces behind him that we will take advantage of making passes to the hole or in length.


In front of goal we must keep our nerves calm and avoid throwing the "doll". For this it is advised to outline the player towards his good leg, to reduce the speed of the race and to mark very well the force of the shot. Thanks to the new physical engine, FIFA 17 takes into account all those factors and even the slightest physical element affects the result.


A very effective way of breaking the rival pressure is by making walls. Logically they are easier to carry out in areas of lower pressure, so if we opt for a combination game in the vicinity of the area, we will have to be very accurate and have quality players to overcome rival pressure. When making walls we should not hesitate to use normal passes, to the hollow and even raised to surprise the defense.

Head shots

One of the most effective actions of FIFA 17 is the headers. That is why we must test the centers very well from the band to debug the technique. The first factor is to determine the place where we want to launch it, being able to opt for the first suit, the second or the penalty point. Do not forget to take into account the qualities of forwards to determine the type of center.

The goalkeeper

The figure of the goalkeeper is often ignored as the last defender, but in modern football they are increasingly important. Nowadays almost all the goalkeepers play well with the feet, reason why, always in safe conditions, a delayed pass to start again is a great solution. The goalkeeper is also very important to reduce the distance between the defense and the goal because, in case of playing with the advance defense, we have to be very alert to get the goalkeeper in time and clear those balls to the back of the defense that So much harm they do.


FIFA 17 includes a huge amount of watermarks with different levels of difficulty and, although it is true that only the most skilled players can use these resources, it is important that we know the best dribbles and use them to overflow by bands or within the area. These dribbles, which many wear to look unnecessarily, are a very effective resource, so it is recommended to practice them in training.

Adjust the level of difficulty

FIFA 17 offers 5 levels of difficulty that we must choose carefully to have a good and fun evolution. If it is your first time with FIFA it is best to choose Debutante, a very simple difficulty with a rival AI that allows us to practice all kinds of passes, shots and plays without suffering in defense. If we want something a little more complicated, Beginner and Amateur offer a greater challenge that, without being very demanding on the offensive level, pose an interesting challenge to dominate the defensive positions. But if we want to experience a more realistic game, we can play in Professional, one of the most common difficulty levels among casual players, but with years of experience.

If we choose something more complicated and true to reality, World Class is a challenge to match the great players. In this level of difficulty the defenses will adjust the spaces, the teams will combine effectively and we will have to deploy all our quality to win the match. Finally, if we look for a tremendously realistic and demanding experience, Legend offers a challenge to the height of a chosen few. Equipments perfectly armed in attack and defense, very effective pressures and a very high difficulty to combine in rival field, are some of the characteristics of a way destined to the best players of FIFA 17.

Within these levels of difficulty we have the last barrier, the online games, a place that allows us to avoid the habitual patterns of rival AI and find challenges much more exciting than those that FIFA 17 offers in their offline modes.

Plays a lot

The extensive catalog of teams and players makes it very difficult to completely dominate the gameplay of , however, the more hours we play and the more teams we can try, the easier it is to find our style and dominate the game completely. That is why you have to train a lot of dribbles, passes, shots on the door and, above all, play many games against AI, with friends and online. The practice ends up paying off and to dominate FIFA 17 you have to play many hours.

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